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"To Strive for Excellence and Deliver 100% Complete Customer Satisfaction as an Extended Remote Tech Development Team."

Meet Our Professional Team

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Mitesh Shethwala
Founder & CEO

Mitesh Started you dedicated in 2012 to let other companies hire resources at affordable cost. He has sound knowledge of International Business Development and enough experience into IT industry. In addition to setting the vision and direction for you dedicated, he is board advisor at so many companies to give a growth to their business as well. Mitesh holds dual degree into Information technology and MBA.

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Vipul Parmar
Project Manager

Vipul has completed his degree in Computer Application and currently designated as Project manager. He keenly monitors and ensures the quality of web application architectures in every project on the floor. He is fond of learning new technologies that help him and you dedicated grow simultaneously.

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Harsh Patel
Sr. Web Developer

Harsh has completed his degree and associated with you dedicated. Harsh is been a core team member of you dedicated and has expertise in web development. He started making websites and hasn’t stopped since. He focuses on full stack development with a passion for making the web a better place.

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Sweetu Patel
Sr. .Net Developer

Sweetu is focused on the infrastructure that supports you dedicated, from its databases to developer tools. He holds a degree in Information technology, He is ridiculously excited to be working on various technology. He's been a developer, an animation-tools specialist and keen to learn new things.

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Nishi Goyal
Business Analyst

Nishi leads the research and development Section. She now manages the web, support, and QA teams, helping the team make all aspects of the website delightful for clients. She interacts and coordinated with Project Manager. Technical Lead and Project Stakeholder to ensure successful execution of project.

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Abhishek Patel
Frontend Developer

Abhishek loves to hack and solve Problems for User interface. He is always curious to make websites in such way that user can use with ease. Having expertise of 5+ years before joining you dedicated, presently he focus on functional programming, containers, and accessibility.

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Vinit Panchal
Business Development Manager

Vinit is an Engineering Graduate and has tremendous skills of communication that fetches new clients for company. He also ensure throughout support and complete satisfaction with his spectacular combination of Technology and Communication Skills.

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Harsh Jani
Graphic Designer

Harsh has completed his degree in Bachelors in Information and Technology. He is a designer with a background in interactive design and illustration. He enjoys making complicated things simple and boring things fun. He makes designing things so easy that they're accessible and fun to use.

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Sagar Dantani
Accounting and Financing

Sagar is one who takes care of Finance and Accounting, Sagar is responsible for all financial, legal, and strategy operations at you dedicated. Sagar always make sure that the financial numbers stay classy. His self-stated life goal is to play with numbers all the time.

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Sweta Patel
HR Manager

Sweta manages our People needs here at you dedicated! She is a member of an awesome team working to bring top talent to you dedicated by providing a world-class candidate experience. She strives make every experience personalized to build long lasting relationships with every candidate.

Short Story About Our Company

Established In 2012

  • Established the Lay of Foundation.
  • Signed up First Project Delivery in US.

Recieved the Best Startup Award

  • Award as the Best Startup by "Gujarat Technical University"

Mobile Application Development

  • Commenced Mobile Application Development.
  • Covered by Media.

Successful Project Delivered

  • 100+ Successful Project Delivered.
  • Build a Team of 30+ Experienced Developers.

Developed First Own Product

  • Developed First Product "Alagrand.com" Fashion E-Commerce.

Raised Funding

  • Raised Funding Valuation of $3 MN+.
  • Delivered 250+ Projects.
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