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VirtueMart is popular open source ecommerce development solution. It must only be used with Joomla or Mambo Content Management System. Both of these are released under the General Public License, so they are freely available for download and use. As Joomla and Mambo are CMS they can further enhanced by installing 3rd party Extensions like VirtueMart and Mambots.

You Dedicated have team of experienced VirtueMart developers to provide you with a full range of Joomla and VirtueMart services which includes consultancy, development, integration, training and support.

Shipping Modules

You Dedicated's experienced VirtueMart developers can install and configure existing VirtueMart modules to make your ecommerce stand out in competition, or we can make complex modifications to VirtueMart which extends its original functionality according to your specific business requirements.

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