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Cross platform development like PhoneGap (now Apache Cordova) is developer's democracy for creating applications for multiple platforms, display sizes, using a single development tool of choice. Heavily relying on HTML5, CSS3 as the development technology, PhoneGap is enabling the developers to use existing web development skills to create quasi-native/hybrid applications.

Companies have started shifting their mobile apps to multiple platforms and devices. while successful implementation guarantees wide reach of user base failing to implement properly results in unattained business objectives.

Our Methodology
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1) We consult with our client in order to select the best cross platform app development technology

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2) Feasibility study along with solving specific platform constraints

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3) Evaluating existing infrastructure, Develop and deploy application irrespective of the size of the device.

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4) Post Development Support.

Why Cross Platform Development

90% People are using multiple screens to complete task

54% developers does recommend cross platform app development

The market is expected to reach $8.2 Billion by 2016

About 16%-60% time is reduced using cross platform development

Why Cross Platform Development at You Dedicated?
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